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Regional Ties Suffer Due to Indian Policy | Ali Ashraf Khan

Regional ties suffer due to Indian policy Ali Ashraf Khan

THE Americans and the world are dreading US Presidential candidate Donald Trump and the possibility that he could be elected in the forthcoming US elections. But even worse India’s Donald Trump is already ruling. Good and efficient government depends on how the ruling party and its Prime Minister or President …

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West Won’t go to War Over Syria | Robert Fisk

West wont go to war over Syria Robert Fisk

As armed rebels – “terrorists” in the eyes of the Syrian government – tighten their grip on the country, at one stage holding 60 percent of the land, government troops hit back, seizing control of the main roads and laying siege to major towns. President Bashar al Assad, supported by …

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A New Foreign Policy | Mehr Ispahani


It is clear that America is preparing India to reduce China’s influence in the region. The strategic importance of India in the American view that can better protect the US interests in the area and China‘s rapid rise as a regional political and economic powerwith global aspirations is an important …

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