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Afghanistan will not succumb to pressure from Pakistan: Karzai

Hamid Karzai claimed that Afghanistan’s historic struggles against British imperialism and Soviet invasion will be in vain if the country falls under pressure to Pakistan, in a recent interview with the Guardian.

Former president of Afghanistan made these remarks when Ashraf Ghani (his successor) overturned the country’s hostile relationship with Pakistan in hopes of its help in brokering a peace deal with Taliban.

“We want a friendly relationship but not to be under Pakistan’s thumb,” he said.

“We should not send troops for training in any neighbouring country when they are sending us suicide bombers in return,” stated Hamid Karzai.

Karzai rejected any suggestion he is at the centre of what one of his former colleagues describes as an emerging “pocket of opposition” to Ghani.

“Yes, I have differences, but I will not say anything,” Karzai said. “I will keep mum, giving advice to President Ghani in private. I absolutely support this government.”

Despite loyalty to the present government, Karzai criticised some of Ghani’s key innovations, such as the decision to send six army cadets to Pakistan for officer training.

Karzai’s willingness to send men to India while spurning Pakistan enraged Pakistan’s generals, who believed the future leaders of the Afghan army were being indoctrinated by their mortal enemies.

Karzai was of the view that the leadership of the Taliban, and much of the movement’s organisational and logistical muscle, is allowed to operate freely inside Pakistan.


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