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Aftermaths of Army Operations | Shoaib Riasat

There is a chaos and catastrophic situation in the country especially after a tragic blast was happened in Gulshan Iqbal Park Lahore on 27-03-2016, which led the deaths of more than 75 people along with approximately 400 injured including women and children. Few days ago a serving spy from the Indian navy was captured from the Balochistan by Pakistan Army which strengthen and proved the Pakistan stance that she had been long exhibiting on international forums about NDS-RAW ties promoting Terrorism and turmoil in Balochistan. Timing of blast was very important which seemed to be having aftermath of capturing the Indian spy along with his custodians who confirmed their malign intensions to exploit the religious and sectarian emotions for their malicious doctrine. During investigation he accepted that he was working on the Indian Agenda to sabotage the CPEC (China Pakistan economic corridor) that would be the fate changer for the region by funding BLF and BLA along with other anti-state actors. He also acknowledged he had been involved in Hazara community attack and Karachi Safoora Goth attack. India is worried from CPEC as China will get access to Indian Ocean and Indian hegemony will be questioned as China’s inclusion will encircle India about which India is afraid of. Great powers have deep interests in Balochistan because of its geopolitical position along with deep water Gawader port at best trade route to Central Asia and Europe.Indian invested Chabahar port and UAE port are under financial threats from Gawadar port. Although India disown her spy and said that he had been the ex-Army personal and government has nothing to do with him. He came to Pakistan from Iran on Iranian passport and accepted his official allocation as spy from India during investigation. Our foreign office along with government personals remained silence all these days even it was the best chance to diplomatically express Pakistan’s stance about terrorism. With defensive approach of Pakistan’s foreign office and offensive Indian security advisor Ajit Doval’s doctrine led this incident to happen. Although , no insurgents and banned militant group claimed this attack yet and its timing shows that it was after effect of Indian spy capturing as he is currently exposing a lot during investigation which could be humiliation for India. I am looking the next coming month very crucial related to security as a coward enemy will retaliate with such coward attacks. Our intelligence agency will operate lot of intelligence base operation over the feedback of Indian spy investigation which could lead to more arrests and hence situation more fragile and potential for security threats

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