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White House Objects to NDAA New Version’s limits on Aid to Pakistan


The Obama administration has said that any imposed conditions on the military assistance to Pakistan would only complicate the process of building bi-lateral ties and will also go against the interests of United States, sources said. The White House defended the military assistance to Pakistan without added constraints and opposed …

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Pakistan’s Equities in the US Have Shrunk | Michael Krepon


There are no more illusions in US- Pakistan relations. Pakistan feels bitter about Washington’s embrace of India and the blowback from US counterterrorism policies. Washington feels embittered by Pakistan’s decisions and seeming incapability of changing course. In retrospect, the last stand of wishful thinking in the US was the 2010 …

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Pakistan in Diplomatic Conflict With US, Iran | Shafqat Ali


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan relations spiralled yesterday with the United States and Iran as President Barrack Obama confirmed Afghan Taliban chief Mulla Akhtar Mansour’s death. While the US and Afghanistan celebrated the death of Mulla Mansour, Pakistan and Iran were closing in for a potential diplomatic tussle. Islamabad was already at …

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