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Dar’s Brilliant Idea Of Charter Of Economy

Dar’s Brilliant Idea Of Charter Of Economy

FINANCE Minister Senator Ishaq Dar has proposed the formulation of National Economic Action plan to take country’s economy forward. Addressing a press conference the Minister also referred to political turmoil and asked PTI Chairman to do politics on issues of governance, rigging and transparency rather than the national economy because government was facing shortfall of tax collection due to international and internal situation.

In our view the idea mooted by the Finance Minister is need of the hour and only a person like Ishaq Dar who is well versed with shortcomings in the system while political uncertainty is also one of the factors in reduction in revenue receipts. Dar appears to be inspired by earlier Charter of Democracy signed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in London which to a great extent played a vital role to bring political tolerance and rapprochement between rival political parties. Similarly the Charter of Economy if evolved after due process of consultations between political parties with inputs of economists and financial experts and a road map is evolved, would certainly take the country out of the present mess. Such an action plan for a couple of decades could ensure continuity of economic policies no matter which party was in power and projects of national importance initiated by one government would be implemented by the successor. This we are witnessing in almost every democratic country and Pakistan must follow this practice as intention of every government is well-being of the people and development. As we have been demanding the focus should shift from politics to economy as our survival depends on strong economy and every one should realise that they could do politics when the country is stable economically.We would re-emphasise that Pakistan has all the potential to emerge as a fast growing economy, and we witnessed it in the past whenever there was peace and stability the country achieved even more than 7%GDP growth and this could be achieved now if there is more attention to economy than doing politics for personal gains. We would therefore emphasise that Mr Dar should not leave the idea as an isolated statement and see to it that ultimately an enabling atmosphere for such a charter is created and implemented.

Source: http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=259479

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