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Disasters: Lessons for Mankind | Nighat Leghari

Disasters: Lessons for Mankind | Nighat Leghari

The Quran reads,” God see, what you do, and God seize mankind from above and below on account of their sins, and than there is no one to save them from God. (Almomen). Jolts of earthquakes were recorded across the country last month leaving behind the high causality rate. In a state of high horror, and panic people came out ofthe buildings reciting verses from the Holy Quran and different prayers loudly. For the last many years it seems that earthquakes are on cue across the globe.

Tragical enough that the science education and sophisticated technology in the developed countries is considered as the promised security or survival. Science has given all the facilities of warning system for the like wise catastrophies in prior but none could stop the Heavenly Hand.

When long ago in North Europe the Pacific Ocean Titanic Tidal waves roared on the landlines and swallowed up even every living and unloving things on the earth, unmided with the environmental agents when people were enjoying their sweet sleep covered with water all around they screamed the sea is coming inland, they screamed for help but after a few moments there was no voice, it seemed that God Almighty had abonded all the living community but His presence was known as “God’s wrath”.

From the dawn of the living world human being are facing the calamities and it was taken as the Gods’ Wrath and consistence with them but tragical enough that human community did not conceive any wisdom or lessons from it, on the contrary Human Community itself has brought disasters in the form of wars causing devastations and losses as a result. Inspite of the developments in human behaviour and making his ways into the space his rising desire of wars with each other is destroying peace.

No doubt defence is inevitable fro every nation while maintaining the internal integrity of their won country but every nation is ready to set their conflicts and disputes on the battlefield instead through dialogue. All preach for peace is on lip only not in practice. The ex-President Mr. Bush once in a press conference said, “building just a peaceful world beyond the wars is our utmost desire, we don’t want to interfere in any state’s affairs, we believe that every nation has right to live on its own soil with liberty honour and secured property, but the bitter truth is that US every year gives awful increase to its war budget. A few months back the Americans took to streets chanting the slogans against the US administration, “Give back Peace to Mankind, don’t chop up the human community”. Likewise North Korea has begun work to reactivate nuclear reactor. India is another country which has raised defence budget awfully. Pakistan is spending a huge amount on weapons to enhance hersecurity and integrity. Israel is also spending roughly 50% of its income on its military equipments.

The 33-nation Australian group tried its utmost to stop the spread of the biological weapons but all their efforts got failed. Even the rules of the wars are not abided by, and the super powers are inflicting wars upon the smaller nations. As long as the Casus-Belli culture is not being taken as a Faux-Pass, the human community will remain in grip of grind-stone of dual destruction brought by the catastrophe and the combating culture.

—The writer is senior columnist based in Multan.

Source: http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=278785

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