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Gandhi was a British agent who did great harm to India: former Indian SC judge

A former judge of the Supreme Court of India has termed Mahatma Gandhi, India’s ‘father of the nation’, a British agent who did great harm to India, Zee News reported.

Markandey Katju in his blog blatantly stated that he was unopposed to making statements that would in turn make him “very unpopular”.

“I say such things as I believe they must be said in my country’s interest,” the former judge said.

He backed his statement by giving a list of reasons pertaining to explain just how India’s father of the nation continued the “British policy of divide and rule”.

Katju said Gandhi would bring religion into the sphere of politics for several decades, with emphasis on the Hindu religions ideals such as celibacy, protection of cows, and the caste system.

He questioned why a political leader used this ideas, and what effect they would have on orthodox Muslims.

“It would surely drive him (an orthodox Muslim) towards a Muslim organisation like the Muslim League.”

“Was this not serving the British policy of divide and rule?” he asked.


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