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How to Articulate Global Peacemaking? | By Dr Mahboob A Khwaja, Pakistan, Muslims, Religion, Islam, World Muslims, Islamophobia , Global Peace, CSS, Current Affairs, 2015

How to Articulate Global Peacemaking? | By Dr Mahboob A Khwaja

ISLAMOPHOBIA is on the rise. Few reactionary instances of individual madness are used by the Western strategists to blame Muslims and Islam as the focal point of their perpetuated belligerency. The ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are aimed at wholesale deaths and destructions of the Arab-Muslim world. Western Europe is fast becoming a center piece of the media-generated tensions and enlarged societal conflicts. Muslims are dubbed as “extremists” and “fundamentalists” – the in-house labels readily available before any rational substance could be argued. Are the Muslims and Islam misfit to be part of the European cultural thinking and norms? How strange Muslims and Islam made significant contributions to the Europeans Intellectual Renaissance and Industrial Revolution but the 21st century European idealists see them problematic and resentful.

Mankind strives for peace, not for wars and hatred. The warmongers are using media as weapon to provoke reactionary animosities and impose the scheme of catastrophic war agenda. It is incumbent upon the rational thinkers, scholars and intellectuals of the 21st century to highlight the pertinent facts of human affairs and offer critical analysis of complex problems. American war strategy is aimed at large scale deaths and destructions of the entire Arab region enabling American corporations to attain direct control over the oil reserves and its exports andgovernance of the region. Another vital aim of the strategy is to camouflage the freedom of Palestine and keep the Arab people divided and antagonistic.

Those opposing the American intervention in Iraq-Syria know well how much America is feared and hated by the common Arabian folks. President Obama does not have a strategy to “defeat and destroy ISIL” in the Arab Middle East. If he claims to have crafted a new strategy by launching air strikes on the civilian population across Iraq-Syria and enlisting coalition of Arab leaders, he is in a political quagmire of his own. America will lose more by military interventions in the complex societal conflicts overwhelmingly dominating the Arab world. One would have imagined that more knowledgeable people become, more rational world will emerge in the coming ages of rational thinking. Not so, we continued to be occupied by false images and misleading rationale of the global conflicts. Like always, few cynical and mentally retarded people plan and wage wars against others, not imagining the dreadful end results of their intrigues and conspiracies against life, human rights and dignity and futuristic possibilities for survival on the planet.

Those who plan and wage wars are not innocent belligerent or without knowledge. They know well what they are engaged in and its consequences. Those who go to farfetched lands to kill the innocent people, divide and massacre men, women and children, fully understand what they are doing. Perhaps, common people are misled by the warmongers enabling them to sustain their war agendas under false political perceptions and imagery as is the case in the US. The undeniable TV imagery – the massacres of innocent Afghan women and children, bombing of the civilian population and the US spy drone attacks targeting innocent civilians in north western Pakistan are fast becoming media entertainment and soap opera to the American audience and of the US scheme of militarisation of the culture.

To revert the misfortunes of the common folks, the UN or any other global organization is not actively pursuing or leading remedial actions for peacemaking. Diplomacy is ineffective tool and chaos and political disintegration are the preferred choices to maintain the status-quo. Arab leaders live in a conflicting time zone without any rational understanding of time and history. Inadvertent aerial bombings and sectarian rifts causing daily bloodbaths do not appear to change the warmongers. Unpredictable but paranoid and vengeful political monsters have incapacitated the in-born faculties of American lifelines to be a morally and intellectually crippled and more of a redundant nation in global affairs. This was not accidental but a planned scheme of things although unknown in its short-long terms consequences over its ability to cope with the change phenomenon for a sustainable future. America became an insane – a victim of its own obsession with power and fearful of its future. All of America’s technological advanced weaponry on earth and secretive intelligence resources placed out in space are Weapons of Mass Destruction meant to be used against the people on Earth and nowhere else. Globalmankind has passion for peace, not wars.

Those mindless politicians claiming to have accomplished the mission in the War on Terrorism did so at the cost of ruthlessness, killings of millions of fellow mankind in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sherwood Ross (“US Sponsored Genocide against Iraq 1990-2012 killed 3.3 million including 750,000 children.” Global Research: 12/06/2012), many other investigative reports clearly blaming the US led forces to have massacred more than three millions civilians in Iraq. The US and British are responsible for much of Iraq’s planned destruction, increased sectarian violence and dismantling of the political governance. Dreadful are becoming as abnormal frequency of violent killings, internal insecurity, drug-abuses and political mismanagement, several thousands Americans killed in global bogus wars and likewise wounded and crippled for life, 18-25 war veterans daily committing suicide.

The political need is urgent for reconciliation and rethinking of Arab role and responsibilities in making a negotiated peaceful conflict resolution. Unless Arab leaders focus on rebuilding their inward moral and intellectual capacity for political change and to embrace new educated and intelligent generation to assume political leadership, Arab world is heading towards ultimate annihilation. Active agenda should be to change the confrontational direction and facilitate societal peace, and stop wars and street bloodbaths. The Islamic scholars, Muslim academia inpeace and conflict management and Arab political activists should be encouraged to envisage change and to provide comprehensive new ideas for crisis management and conflict resolution.

Do the American or the Arab leaders know what is the end-game? Aftermath of the American-led bombing campaign, what kind of political landscape and geography be in-waiting for the Arab Middle East? Time is critical for self-reflection to both the US and the Arab coalition to find peaceful negotiated means of conflict management. One wonders, if there is a cure to a cruel mindset? But absolute political power cannot be justified as simple favourable perversion to torture, kill the innocent mankind and destroy the universal harmony and natural habitats on Earth. Ross Caputi (“Unthinkable Thoughts in the Debate About ISIS in Iraq.” Common Dreams: 6/15/2014) offers a rational foresight to the US-European sponsored belligerency and re-enacting of the bogus wars in the Arab Middle East: “These fractured communities within Iraq must decide their own future, without the interference of Washington or Tehran. Most importantly for us, as Americans, we must make an effort to analyze this issue outside of the paradigm of US political thought and try to see this issue through the eyes of those most affected by it. We must respect their ideas and values, their politics and culture, and their right to determine their own future, unimpeded by foreign interference.”

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