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How to Solve CSS Papers By Dr. Junaid (CSP)

Solving a paper of CSS does not require ordinary techniques that one used to apply in school and university. While you are going to ink the answer sheet, sitting in CSS exam, you must understand two things viz: what is being asked? And what would be the proper answer?

Here is the simplified scheme to solve any paper (Islamiat is also included).

1. You have only first ten minutes to select the questions with rough idea.
2. When u have selected the question   (except compulsory) find out those four questions which can be best answered by you.
3. Remember that you don’t have to beat about the bust, read the sequence of the things asked in question and answer all the key words one by one.
4. Always use blue ink pen and keep ink remover with you so you have one chance to undo to what you did.
5. Remove all cuttings that give bad impressions.

Essay Paper

Essay is not a big deal provided you knows that what the essence of essay is.

Essay is nothing but a set pattern of writing. You have to follow the rules that are essential for any essay in any form of language.

Following are the steps to prepare and pass the paper of essay.

What We should Study for Essay ?

Essay requires a comprehensive knowledge of the topic to be discussed. if you are writing on global warming or renewable energy you must have the accurate statistics for the topic. Similarly if you are writing on terrorism or misperception about Islam than you must know different references and saying of prominent leaders. therefore I recommend extensive reading of dawn, find out articles from w w-w.encarta.com on various issues like global warming, renewable energy, humanism, civil liberties, terrorism etc. (it helped me to obtain 54 in essay)

How To Write?

It first needs the selection of topic. always chose an easy topic for what u have done homework. Then use thesis statement style of writing easy.
Pay attention on introduction and conclusion.

Remember to use easy words and make short sentences. Don’t make any grammatical or spelling mistake. \

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  1. 3. Remember that you don’t have to beat about the bust, (can you please explain the meaning of this very sexy phrase ? )

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