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India Bent Upon Fragmenting Pakistan

India Bent Upon Fragmenting Pakistan | Asif Haroon Raja

Narendra Modi has dangerous designs against Pakistan. Coercion, intimidation and aggression have been the hallmark of Modi’s muscular foreign policy towards Pakistan. Soon after taking over power, he not only abruptly disrupted the process of dialogue, LoC was heated up in Kashmir and for the first time working boundary in Sialkot sector was viciously bombarded without provocation. Terrorism in already disturbed areas of FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and Karachi was accelerated. Highly distasteful statements were hurled by Indian leaders to up the ante. Indirect strategy buttressed by defamation campaign to weaken Pakistan from within and to discredit/isolate it, as is being practiced since 2002, has been a preferred option of India since all out war against nuclear Pakistan has become too risky and very costly.

The biggest shock to India came in the form of China’s huge investment of $46 billion for the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which will link Kashgar with Gwadar. Within this pledged amount, $37 billion have been earmarked for multiple energy projects ranging from hydro power to solar, coal and nuclear. It is a game changer for Pakistan since it will not only overcome energy crisis but also help in removing the socio-economic grievances of smaller provinces and employment of the youth and improve the overall economic health of Pakistan. Gwadar deep seaport is planned to be developed on the lines of Hong Kong/Singapore Port and converted into free trade zone with a modern airport. China has risked investing this big amount after it was convinced of the genuineness of Pakistan’s claim of paradigm shift in its approach to terrorist groups and across the board counter terrorism and accomplishment of impressive results.

CPEC which is likely to promote cohesiveness among South Asian States and usher prosperity in the region will run counter to India’s policy of divisiveness. Not only India will lose its coercive grip over South Asian States and Afghanistan but will also lose markets of Central Asia. Her plans to encircle Pakistan and to contain China will also run into jeopardy. Pakistan’s stability and economic prosperity as well as that of Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK will not only further energise liberation movement in IOK but will also impact internal cohesion of India where 17 major insurgencies/separatist movements are raging since long.

These deep seated concerns have bamboozled Indian leaders so intensely that in a state of utter perplexity they have exposed the ugly face of India. Modi on his visit to Dhaka boasted that India had played a key role in dismembering Pakistan into two in 1971 through cross border terrorism. They have also openly threatened to continue using terrorism as a tool to further fragment Pakistan. Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar declared in New Delhi on May 23, 2015 that, “We have to neutralize terrorists through terrorists. Why can’t we do it? We should do it.”

RAW has been assigned a special task to sabotage CPEC at all costs and allotted $300 million. To this end, the spy agency has intensified acts of terror in the already disturbed areas of FATA, KP and Baluchistan. Controversy over routes by certain nationalist parties was raised at the behest of India to fail the scheme. This conspiracy was killed after it was agreed by the government to develop western route before other two routes, knowing well that it passes through three disturbed areas. It has now been established that Karachi has been systematically destabilized by MQM at the behest of RAW. Other foreign agencies and Blackwater have also been involved. PPP as a policy has turned a blind eye to MQM’s acts of terror and crime since it has been involved in mega corruption.

India is desperate to keep RAW’s base in Afghanistan operational and to impair Pak-Afghan relations. Reportedly, $50 million have been handed over to Karzai by India. Out of this, he will spend $15 million for reactivating terrorism against Pakistan and for straining relations with Pakistan. Indian National Security adviser Ajit Doval has managed to establish rapport between Fazlullah led TTP based in Kunar with ISIS so that the two can jointly carryout terror attacks in Pakistan. RAW is also using ISIS in combating Afghan Taliban.

While moving a case against Indian intervention in Pakistan’s internal affairs in the UN is a step in the right direction, there is a need to activate our dormant foreign embassies to expose the true face of India and to warn South Asian States that their survival lies in confronting the threat of RAW collectively. At the same time, across the board accountability of all must be carried out and moles inside Pakistan netted.

India Bent Upon Fragmenting Pakistan | Asif Haroon Raja

—The writer, a retired Brig, is Director MEASAC Research Centre.

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