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NAP: An Analytical View | Dr Muhammad Khan

There are two views about the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP). The optimist class believes that, NAP is being implemented in its true letter and spirit. The pessimist class however believes that, it is not being implemented in its true spirit. Nevertheless, the reality account is that, NAP is being implemented partially, thus its results are accordingly. The true implementation of the NAP warrants for a political will, which unfortunately has been a missing link in most of the cases. It is worth mentioning that, in June 2014, Operation Zarb-e-Azb started at the will of Pak Army, rather the will of political will of the Government of Pakistan.

In fact, the political Government and many religio-political parties tried to create hurdles and constituted committees to delay or sabotage this gigantic military operation, which later destroyed the network of the terrorists in North Waziristan Agency and ultimately brought a peace in the country. The people who had their part in the promotion of terrorism and extremism through motivation and negative interpretation of Jihad and had confirm links with the terrorists were part of negotiation team. Now after completion of Shawal Operation, there is going to be formal ending of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb in the coming weeks.

This operation is indeed the grand Operation and as per Army Chief a wholesome concept and an ideology. It gave the nation a sense of achievement and sense of security. Those tried to create obstacle in its conduct and conduct of operations elsewhere based on selfishness and for their vested political motives cannot be considered as the supporters of this operation. The Peshawar APS became a reason for the forceful unity of the political elites, indeed their compulsions, somehow. The contents of the NAP, formulated after the Peshawar terrorist attack even had some of the reservations of some of the religio-political parties. Some of parties having alliance with the Government in Islamabad has been constantly objecting the NAP, demanding their version of operation.

In the implementation of the NAP, the vested political and at times personal interests remained dominating. While analyzing the province wise implementation of NAP, one would learn that, Khyber Pakhtunkhua (KP) and FATA has suffered maximum in term of bomb blasts and human and infrastructural losses. The success rate of the NAP implementation in KP and FATA has been remarkable. The cooperation extended by the KP Government to military authorities has also been worth appreciating. Indeed, this cooperation has gave a free hand for the implementation of NAP and today, KP and FATA region have greatest rate of successful implementation of NAP. Implementation of NAP in Sindh Province has been partial. In Karachi, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) has achieved successes against most of the terrorists and target killers.

In Punjab, there has been lot of reluctance in the implementation of NAP. The emphasizes of the Provincial Govt has been that, it has already done enough for curbing the militancy and extremism. Some of the recent developments like bomb blast in Lahore and action of Choto Gang in South Punjab has exposed the vulnerabilities of Punjab provincial Government. Pak Army could only combat the militant activities of the Choto Gang and their armed rebellion against the Government. In South Punjab, there are hideouts of the militants and extremists, who have their affiliations and linkages with some political parties and some influential personalities which include political figures. Pak Army has now shown a resolve to go after against all terrorists and extremists in Punjab, may this be to the displeasure of the Punjab Government. In AJK and GB, the militancy has been under control except sporadic incidents in GB.

Since the motor of all extremism and terrorism is the sustained and sufficient amount of finances, attained through corruption and ill gotten money, therefore, Pak Army has decided to go after those, who fund the terrorists and extremists. Therefore, across the board accountability is necessary for the solidarity, integrity and prosperity of Pakistan. Pakistan Armed Forces will fully support every meaningful effort in that direction, which would ensure a better future for our next generations.” It is a clear message for those political and religious or ethno-political leaders to take punitive actions against their militants and stop funding them for their political gains.

We as a nation and as an integrated society must support the actions of Pak Army in bringing an end to Terrorism, extremism and their financiers. Let us take this as a challenge and decontaminate the Pakistani society for a better and secure future of our generation.

— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.


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