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Pak-Turkey Ties To Blossom Into Robust Strategic Partnership

Pakistan and Turkey have decided to transform the cordial bilateral relationship into a robust strategic partnership in diverse fields including economy, energy, communication and defense.

This was stated in a joint declaration issued after talks between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Islamabad. The two sides emphasized the common vision for peace and development for their peoples and the region.

Pakistan and Turkey reaffirmed the resolve to fight extremism and terrorism in all forms and manifestations.

The declaration strongly condemned the defamation campaign against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the religion of Islam and called for criminalization of all acts of Islamophobia.

The two sides agreed to intensive exchanges at the leadership, parliamentary, business, cultural, civil society, media and people-to-people levels.

Both sides agreed on the need to make the United Nations Security Council more representative, democratic, transparent, effective and accountable, and that UNSC reform should be comprehensive and it should take place by widest consensus possible.

Both sides decided to intensify politico-military cooperation, while defence-related industries would focus on joint defence production and related research and development activities.

The declaration said that cooperation in the fields of finance and banking including insurance, capital market, anti-money laundering, budget, financial reporting and audit shall be enhanced.

Both sides expressed their willingness to improve energy cooperation with focus on petroleum, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric, geo-thermal and renewable resources such as wind and solar power.

Pakistani side invited Turkish companies to invest in energy sector projects in Pakistan, especially in the field of coal based power generation and power transmission sector.

The declaration said both countries will enhance cooperation in in the field of food and agriculture. Both sides shall benefit from each other’s experience and strengths in diverse sectors including agricultural research, plant and animal health and agricultural infrastructure and irrigation systems.

Meanwhile Pakistan and Turkey signed 10 documents including six protocols, three MOUs and one agreement to bolster cooperation in different fields particularly energy, science andcommerce.

The signing ceremony was also witnessed by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Turkish PrimeMinister Ahmet Davutoglu.

An MOU was signed between Oil and Gas Development Limited, Pakistan Petroleum Limited and Turkish National Oil Company for exploration of oil and gas in the country. The two countries sides signed an MOU for sister seaport relations and cooperation.

The third MOU was signed between Pakistan National Accreditation Council and Turkish Accreditation Agency.

For the scientific cooperation, Pakistan Academy of Sciences and the Turkish Academy of Sciences inked an agreement. The two institutes also signed an executive protocol for cooperation in the field of science.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Lahore Chamber of Commerce also signed three protocols with Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce for greater linkages.

The two countries signed an additional protocol for promotion and protection of investment. Cooperation protocol was also signed between Turkish Patent Institute and the Intellectual Property Organization.

Later, the two prime ministers also signed the Joint Declaration aimed at strengthening strategic relationship between the two countries.

While addressing the Pakistan-Turkey Business Forum on Tuesday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifpaid tribute to the ties between the two nations, stating that both countries share a ‘joint destiny’.

“Words cannot do justice to the special bond between Turkey and Pakistan, we are bound together by our common faith and culture, we share a distinct sense of a joint destiny,” PM said.

The gathering was attended by the visiting Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as well as Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

The premier also commended the business forum for its work to enhance socio-economic development in both Pakistan and Turkey.

“I welcome all of you to this forum; I welcome Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and am confident this initiative will create new avenues for trade between Pakistan and Turkey as well as helping the economic growth of both countries,” Nawaz said.

The PM told the forum that both countries have struggled and made great sacrifices for democracy adding that it was a proud moment that two democratically elected governments were working to enhance economic ties.

“Today a multi-track engagement is working on socio-economic spheres. We intend to create an investment friendly environment in Pakistan,” he said.

The premier also addressed the security situation in Pakistan and stated that the country was facing difficult times, but would emerge stronger.

“I am aware of the huge challenges facing our country. We are fighting a war on terror and even though it will be difficult, I am confident victory will be ours,’ he said.

The prime minister also credited Ishaq Dar with helping to stabalise the economy and putting it on the path to recovery.

“Our economy has started to bounce back within the first twenty months of our government. The Pakistani rupee has not only stabalised but improved… Our stock markets are breaking records daily,” Nawaz said.

He also said that efforts were being made to overcome the energy shortage in the country, which he stated would help boot investor confidence.

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