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Pakistan Today Editorials – 22 June 2015

Everyone Within Defined Parameters

The only way to make the system work

In order to cling on to power both civilian and military rulers have made unprincipled alliances and given undue concessions to cronies and political allies. The men on horseback have generally justified their usurpation of power by accusing the civilian rulers involved in corruption. However soon after coming to power they too relied for support on some of the most unscrupulous elements in the country. What is more, they exonerated corruption on the part of their colleagues who were treated as holy cows.

Zardari’s reaction to the several arrests and raids by the Rangers could have been caused by the apprehension that evidence was being collected as usual to wrap up the civilian setup beginning with the Sindh government. Only time will show if the concern was justified. Meanwhile, the PPP leadership has come up with a more balanced stand. Taking into account the urgency of winning the fight against terrorism, the party maintains that victory can be achieved only when it is conducted as a collective fight of the nation with each institution performing its assigned duty within its parameters and its services duly appreciated. The Rangers claim that large sums collected illegally are being channelised to finance terrorism. The PPP would not be able to object if the probe was handed over to civilian institutions created for the purpose like FIA, NAB and Police thus removing the perception that the move is in fact the thin edge of the wedge.

We are told that most of the vital tasks defined in the National Action Plan remain unattended because of political challenges. Instead of dissipating energy on diversions that can cause apprehensions, full attention needs to be paid to removing these challenges. The most important part of the task is to eliminate the extremist thinking which continues to provide fresh recruits to the terrorist networks. For this it is necessary to initiate a nationwide campaign to promote religious and sectarian harmony and inculcation of a pluralist outlook.

Pakistan Today Editorials  – 22 June 2015

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