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VARIOUS factions that live in Pakistan are at loggerheads with each other. The binding factor was religion and two countries that were carved out on ideological basis

Pakistan’s Contemporary Conflicting Modes | Dr Zafar Altaf

VARIOUS factions that live in Pakistan are at loggerheads with each other. The binding factor was religion and two countries that were carved out on ideological basis, in the twentieth century, were Israel and Pakistan. The question of integration has been addressed differently in both countries. The one factor that is important to understand is that all land in that country belongs to God Almighty and no one can have free hold ownership. The people of any land seek equality of opportunity as well equality of conditions. Pakistan has done precious little in this regard. We have also left no stone unturned to miss out on the lessons of history. East Pakistan has been forgotten, the APS tragedy has been forgotten, the Karachi episode is now almost forgotten. Is religious purity going to look like this? Are the politicians going to score points against each other? Dicey was right when he said that there are individuals in the policy making system that do not see further than their nose. Are the people of Pakistan then to be at the mercy of the political leaders? Should the people of Rawalpindi accept the jungla bus and the difficulties that they faced. Is the business community to be paid for the difficulties that they faced?

Pakistanis are faced with a vicious circle of superiority and inferiority. The class that comes to the fore forecloses every other member of another class from benefits accruing to it on merit. In Karachi and elsewhere psychopaths rule and put the fear of everything in to the hearts of every one. All life is provided by God and He alone has the right to cut it short and not some goon sitting behind a rifle. This is true for any category that holds a weapon in his hands. Is hatred and intolerance inherent in man? and if that is not so then it is possible to remove this hate and this intolerance. If fear be the child of intolerance then it is possible to cure that fear for, by definition, it is infantile and therefore pliable.

It seems that as a society we are all for giving directions to others without doing it ourselves. The reasoning seems to be that if you do not do anything then the chances of making mistakes and running afoul of anything in the future will be nil. So if you do not do anything then the chances of achievement and mistakes will never be there. What then are the domestic attitudes of our leaders and hence our people. One is of achievement and the other is of potential achievement. Which of our leaders have achieved anything except abuse from fellow travellers and colleagues? What are the achievement of our leaders that they have done or assisted in. In American basketball, the player has two kinds of roles – the one that basketsthe ball and the other that assists in basketting another ball. The assisters are held in as much esteem as the one thatbaskets the ball.

The policy makers are in many ways the assisters as found in basketball. Do our politicians make the grade? Do they give policy as and when needed? Do they give long term policies that would straighten the economy and improve the welfare of the poor in the country? Mere verbal promises do not matter. I have been told by the victims that when any of the politicians promises any compensation, that is never paid. The publicity is taken and that’s it.

As I face my country I want to know whether the future generations will have a good and viable future. Does it seem to any one that the future will be worth the while in this country? The evidence is otherwise. Indications are available that when a mafia increases itself, it does so on the basis of its collective greed and strength. There were eight mafia when I was in service and I was frequently brought down by them. There are palace intrigues. On both counts a reasonable person will fall short. No government can claim not to be in these two realms – of intrigues and palace intrigues. The only things that change are the characters. For a sister you may have a son in law, for a father you may have a father figure. The selfassertion is in the present and the solace is in the past. That is what these politicians seek. Take any politician and put him under the scanner. Be it any one. Everyone has done well and yet as a nation, we are in the doldrums.

Over the years this conflict has increased to mammoth proportions. In fact Pakistan’s success rate at increasing conflict is second to none. Policies that are created to serve the few, conflict with the generic policy that serve the many. It was at the London Business School that we exercised how to move from the particular to the many and vice versa. That enabled the students to understand the many implications of policy making. Go to the courts and you will see that civil suits have increased and that no decision in the lower courts takes less than ten to fifteen years. See how successive governments have utilized state institutions for their own manipulated policies. The situation is so drastically bad that no one now comes to the country to play any kind of international sports (Thanks to Zimbabwe cricket team that took the initiative and provided us a breath of fresh air). We keep on blaming xyz for all our policies but take no action to correct ourselves. The cure will come when we learn to understand our own personalities.

Are we going to invoke the use of heavenly powers to solve our problems? We can then keep on waiting till doomsday. The Information Ministers always provide pretended information. How can human vice at that level be removed. How can vice of the powers be reduced or removed at all. The way to do that will lie in the human beings that live in that country. There are no short cuts. How can republican imbecility be reduced or removed without such a call. Is there a moral reason to govern such vices with reason? The paramount ability is to ensure that the rule of law is all pervasive. But then the institutions providing that rule of law cannot be one that is compromised in reason. The majesty of law overrides human treachery. That is the only institution that is available to redress the wrongs done to the public. Our hero knew no policy but only the one connected to moral virtue. Our heroes need not be blemished by the current lot. For history will judge them without let or favour. Be a witness to life in the present.

— The writer is a retired Federal Secretary.

Source: http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=264636

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