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Pakistan's Development Dilemma | By  Dr Zafar Altaf

Pakistan’s Development Dilemma | By Dr Zafar Altaf

With all that hype about the future of development based on the utterings of our front line ministers, they are aglow with the future outcome but no one seems to talk of the present as an indication of development. Have we been good to the people of Pakistan? Have we been able to understand the limits of the government? What constitutes modern liberty and why should the leaders be in economic conflict in terms of governance. Remember Margaret Thatcher whose son was not allowed to trade in the UK and he had to leave and do his bit in the US? Or of Wilson whose friend was caught in audit with his hand in the till. Sentenced, he was handcuffed and brought from France as he had tried to evade the British system of law. Here we have unfettered authority to do with the citizens of Pakistan as we please because we are in power. Have we not learnt from history? But relentless we go on? What has happened to that foreign firm McKinsey? How much money was spent on them? Why is the cost not listed in the development budget? Why is it a secret?

China will do wonders for us? How? Now Qatar will do it for us in the energy sector where all the soorma ministers and advisors were unable to do anything. What was the CM Punjab doing over there? Is it a provincial subject? Why do the other CMs not go on junket tour? The US, the UK, the WB, the IMF and all these organisations bilateral and international will not be able to do it. The Kerry-Lugar bill was and is a disaster in as much as they will put the country on the wrong route so that Pakistan suffers some more. Please recall my earlier articles and see how the matters have been perverted. Now politicians have kept front line men as they do not want to be seen to be interacting with these international firms and be seen as there touts. We used to hear of Patwari boys but now we hear of minister’s boy, shades of pervert behaviour. In fact we may well be a nation of touts before long.

It seems that we are in the world of Mussolini when he told an applauding audience ‘we will trample on the decomposing body of the goddess of liberty’. Well, he did that but where do we find him? The recent lot is unable to understand the consequences of their actions. Does liberty have any friends? If liberty has any friends it is certainly not in the government of the day. We talk of democracy but have we realised democracy? Democracy is not in terms of time that one spends in government but about decency and humane behaviour?

China was to have spent time on energy? Why is it no longer a favourite? Energy will be through solar or wind energy? Do you have the wind energy corridor? Do you have any idea of what it takes to implement what they so glibly talk about? There ought to be law of torts in this country for utterances beyond workable limits. Why should anyone be able to make statements about another when the evidence is not there?

Clive Lloyd the West Indies captain received 2 million pounds in compensation for carrying a story that Clive Lloyd was supporting apartheid. No one has the right to name any one in a slanderous way and allowed to get away. But then we belong to the world of nitwits and never seem to weigh the odds in public policy.

Two meetings were scheduled to be held; one in Serena and the other in Marriott. Who will foot the bill for all the participants that come from the US and where will they be lodged and for how many days will this circuit go on? The bills will be paid out of the Kerry-Lugar budget. Kerry-Lugar assistance is not a grant but a loan that has been provided. So this has to be paid back. They have let loose localised hit men to serve their cause. One of them is still serving their end in the ministry. The others figure in the political system. Please do not be taken in by articulate policy makers. The more they talk the more susceptible they are to lies. The two top officials in the ministry view him as an insurance policy. What have been the outcomes of the previous meetings? One of them was held in Qatar and for a half hour meeting the participants stayed on for seven days in a seven-star hotel. It was filthy rich stay. The US prides itself for not letting down their friends. The truth is otherwise. We have had so much trouble in this friendship that that would require a separate article for I would start from Seato and Cento the two treaties that we went in with Dulles for containing communism. We are the innocents of this world and lap up whatever comes our way. Has anyone tried to direct the economy of this country based on its own resources? It’s a nightmare the doings of this country’s policymakers.

The policymakers have been at it with the findings of the Chiniot iron ore deposit. All kinds of innuendos have been used to project their political system. It has failed and what else is required? The icing on the cake came when the PM announced a change of name for the CID department. Now it will be counter terrorism department, old wine in new bottles. The cosmetic changes will not do anything. They talk of merit these politicians when in the recruitment of inspectors of police in Punjab has already been done by handing over two to three seats per politician. Only one politician from Sargodha has not utilised his quota. So the enemy of decency and liberty is the policy of goodness. Process or procedure has never been followed. But what Punjab has done is to show that they are transparent when in fact the policies are based on criminality. Show something else and do something else. What will they do they will give to the people of Pakistan 40 years of corrupt inefficiency. With PM taking charge for Karachi the writing is on the walls. For the feet of no PM is on the ground ever. He will have his ears for the intriguers. Mark my words. The PM does not have the Midas touch rather whatever is touched turns to mud.

Can we turn the corner and become stable state and economically viable? Not with the present set up. We need serious structural changes. Pakistan is incapable of this for the matters are not whimsical but more functional in nature. Pigeon-brained cannot do this. A more serious intervention is called for based on one’s own capabilities. But what can you do where the state minister for energy starts talking of cricket. BS has many contexts. Depending on your language abilities you can decipher. Each one will be correct but the most interesting will be for the Punjabis. The language is so rich in expletives. Each describes the current government adequately.

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