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Population Dilemma

Population Dilemma

In a new report by the United Nations the organization has projected that the population in Pakistan will exceed 300 million by 2050. During 2015-2050, half of the world’s population growth is expected to be concentrated in nine countries: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, US, Indonesia and Uganda. At present the population is estimated to be around 190 million. Due to this huge population Pakistan is plagued by various problems like food, water and energy crisis. If the population continues to grow at the projected rate the situation will become even grimmer in the coming years as the country’s already stretched resources will simply collapse under the burden of the ever growing population.

Even at present successive Governments in Pakistan have failed to provide the majority of Pakistani’s a life over the poverty line. Millions of kids across Pakistan are without access to education. The situation is also complex as many people still don’t understand as how to provide their kids with a safe future, the simple answer to this very complex problem is quite obvious, family planning. Unless the topic of family planning is given space on mainstream media the issue will be hard to resolve, the Government as well as other organizations should raise awareness on the topic else the population will simply become to large to sustain on the depleting resources. Community leaders can be the most effective when it comes to educating people in the rural areas regarding the effectiveness and importance of family planning.

Some of the very serious problems that arise from a population include severe pressure on the energy resources, non availability of adequate food, an increase in unemployment and increased poverty. The increased unemployment also causes severe security problems which are impossible to fix.

Serious efforts are needed to diffuse the ticking population bomb.  

Population Dilemma

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