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The Education System of Pakistan

The Education System of Pakistan

We all know the vitality of education. It is the most imperative part of any country’s survival today. Training forms the countries; it decides the fate of a country. So that is the reason we need to receive our Education Policies precisely on the grounds that our future relies on upon these arrangements.

ISLAM additionally lets us know about Education and its criticalness. The genuine embodiment of Education as indicated by ISLAM is “to know ALLAH” however I think in our nation we really lost. Not our schools or our madrassa’s (Islamic Education Centers) are really teaching our childhood in this respect. In schools, we are simply setting them up for “Cash”. We aren’t instructing them we are simply planning “Cash Machines”. We are just expanding the load of the books for ourOur education System and pakistanyoungsters and simply enlisting them in a rumored, huge school for what, only for economic wellbeing??? Then again in our madrassas we are planning individuals who finds exceptionally hard to modify in the cutting edge society. In some cases it appears that they are from an alternate planet. A madrassa understudy can’t contend even in our nation then the World is so distant from him. He finds extremely hard to try and address a school kid. It is completely clear that Islamic Education is vital for Muslims yet it is additionally a truth that without current training nobody can contend in this world. There are numerous illustrations of Muslim Scholars who study the Holy Quraan as well as comprehended alternate subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and numerous more, with the assistance of Holy Quraan. I think with the current instruction framework we are narrowing the path for our kids as opposed to enlarging it. There is doubtlessly our youngsters are extremely skilled, both in schools and in madrassas, we simply need to provide for them legitimate approaches to prepare, provide for them the space to end up Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Alberoni, Abnalhasam, or Einstein, Newton, Thomas Edison. The training framework we are running with is not meeting expectations any longer. We need to figure out how to scaffold this crevice in the middle of school and madrassa. Robert Our education System and pakistanMaynard Hutchins depicts it as “The object of training is to set up the adolescent to teach themselves for the duration of their lives.” We ought to give our childhood the best approach to instruct themselves.

Edward Everett said that “Training is a superior protection of freedom than a standing armed force.” Sadly, in Pakistan we are spending a larger number of plans on our arms than on instruction which delineates our philosophy about training!!! Since 1947 not a solitary government has the capacity change this situation. In cost of an explosive just about 20 to 30 kids can go to class for the entire year and the other picture…. a projectile can execute 20 to 30 developed people!!!!!!. So an explosive is harming in two ways halting youngsters instruction and after that murdering honest individuals!!! Why not powers consider this? Answer…. we all realize that!!! Isn’t that right?

Presently lets discuss our Policy Makers, it appears they are not living up to expectations enough. Consistently approach for training is audited by the legislature yet the outcomes are same..Our education System and pakistan.. Absence of education rate is going upwards in Pakistan as indicated by a late study. Someone beginning “Nai Roshni School”, some individual beginning “Parha Likha Punjab” and so on for what to teach Pakistan? All things considered, I don’t think so. These “Individuals” are playing with our country throughout the previous 60 years only for their on benefits and points. We ought to and we need to consider our kids instruction now that would we say we are teaching them in the right way? If not, what would it be advisable for us to do? We need to act now else it will be past the point of no return for PAKISTAN!


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  1. The religion of Islam also teaches us to get more and more education no matter what circumstances therefore, we should provide our children with proper education at all times. No gender discrimination should be done; neither should parents let their children get involved into child labor. I hope Pakistan’s educational structure shows positive signs in the coming years.

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