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US Elections not to Affect Pak-US Relations: Harkenrider

US Consul General to Lahore Zachary Harkenrider has said that Pak-US relations would remain important for the US government irrespective of the fact Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is elected the next US president in November 2016 elections.

Addressing Invitation Talk on the U S electoral system at the Government College University (GCU) on Saturday, he said if one goes through the history of Pak-US relations since 1947, one comes to know there are moments of discord that punctuate much longer and much more significant periods of convergence, agreement and mutual interests.

The talk was organised by Quaid-e-Azam Political Science Society of the GCU.

The Counsel General said any government in Pakistan, whether of left or right, democratic or undemocratic, understands and values its relationship with the United States. The situation is similar in the United States.

Responding to a question about US relations with the Islamic world, Zachary Harkenrider said the American society is highly receptive and tolerant of religious diversity, adding that: “There are millions and millions of Americans who are Muslims, and they are as important citizens of the US as I am.”

Harkenrider briefed the students about the complete electoral process for the President of United States from his party nominations through primaries and caucuses, general voting and election through the Electoral College.

He also told the participants about the different voting trends and nomination processes in the different states.

The students were also apprised of the history of US elections and voting trends since 1789.

The consul general discussed the reasons why no significant third political party has emerged in United States, adding that democracy and political institutions are strengthening in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah said that there was a great interest among the university students about the American Presidential elections and they follow it on media.


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