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US envoy praises Pakistan’s role for peace in Afghanistan

US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Daniel Feldman on Tuesday praised the role being played by Pakistan for restoring peace in Afghanistan.

“Visiting ambassador appreciated Pakistan’s positive role for peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Military Spokesman Maj Gen Asim Bajwa tweeted about the meeting between Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif and Mr Feldman.

The discussion during the meeting, Gen Bajwa said, centred on regional developments, particularly Afghanistan.

Pakistan has been lately encouraging Taliban to start peace talks with the Afghan government.

Gen Sharif had during his last visit to Kabul conveyed the Taliban’s willingness to kick-start the process.

But, premature leaks are believed to have slowed down the process.

Sources, however, say that talks between the Afghan Taliban and Afghan government could begin soon.

Meanwhile, Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz while speaking at the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee said that no talks were taking place between the United States and Taliban.

An official of the Foreign Office told the committee that Pakistan welcomed the prospects of the renewal of intra-Afghan peace process.

About China’s involvement with Afghan reconciliation, the official said that Beijing and Islamabad had convergent interests in the settlement of the issue.

Earlier, Gen Sharif while visiting Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul spoke about the leading role being played by the army in the fight against terrorism.

“Tradition of leading from front will lead us to elimination of terrorism, fight other challenges,” the general told the cadets at PMA.

Published in Dawn March 11th , 2015

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