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“What CSS aspirants must understand” By Tabraiz Marri 43rd CTP (PAS)

“What CSS aspirants must understand” By Tabraiz Marri 43rd CTP (PAS)

Dear Aspirants,

The purpose of writing this is not to flaunt or to tell you ways to ace this exam without substantial effort or highlighting a crack in the system which you could exploit, but giving back to this community which has helped me tremendously during my CSS preparation.

So, lets cut to the chase..There are few things that you must understand:

1- There are no short-cuts to success; you must be willing to work hard for the prize.

2- Manage your time effectively; CSS is all about time management. There are no hard and fast rules; you prefer studying in the morning? Fine. You prefer studying at night? Fine. As long as you’re concentrating, time of the day doesn’t matter.

3- Strategize. Take a subject, dissect it! Check syllabus, past papers, current trends and then make a pool of topics. Once you’ve done that, give yourself a time-frame for completion of subject. Accordingly, make daily tasks and meet them.

4- Don’t cram! Develop analytical skills. Rely on multiple sources of information i.e. books, newspapers, magazines, journals, internet, television. Once you have a stack of information, think over it, filter things, keep the necessary stuff with you and eliminate unnecessary mumbo jumbo!

5- Don’t rely on notes prepared by academies. Many people cram the same things and you’ll not be doing differently! Research, make your own notes, do it in a bullet format so that you can access them easily and revise them when the D-day nears.

6- Persistence is the key to success, you’ll have days where you’d want to quit, take a day off, and start fresh the next morning, keep telling yourself “It’s worth the trouble”.

7- Treat yourself! Watching a good movie, hanging out with friends on weekends, eating your favorite food and listening to your favorite music are some ways of treating yourself. Enjoy yourselves while at it!

8- It is the process that makes you better! Once you take up this task with full zeal, I assure you, you’ll find positive changes in yourself.

9- Keep an open mind and engage in healthy discussions with the intentions of learning !

And last but not the least, help others!
This worked for me, I hope it does for you too. [Image: happy.gif]
Goodluck !

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