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World As Global Sin: Knowledge As ‘Margaritas Ante Portas’

What is knowledge within the world of developed society?

What does it mean for us to be aware that every 11 hours the knowledge in the world is doubled?

We are so developed and yet so uncivilized. How it can be? It all depends on how you “read” an understanding of development and civilization.

Especially, if development and civilization means neo-liberalism, and the “exporting” of “my way of thinking-democracy” as it “should exist all around the world” and let the markets to do everything – to liberalize the liberalism. It is amazing that those who were fighting against Mao Zedong’s “flourishing of thousand flowers” are doing nowadays exactly the same thing, but instead of operating with the system of “communism” they are doing it now within the guise of “capitalism”.

But first, let us go back and try to answer the two questions from above.

We are on the edge of solving medical illnesses, such as cancer, thanks to knowledge.

We have astronauts who spend 340 days in space and return home fresh and ready to go further, thanks to knowledge.

But, the main question is a methodological one: How are we using knowledge around the world, really?

The answer is more than painful, but thoughtful:

1. Manipulation – the establishment of bureaucratic societies regardless of ideology and/or race and/or religion, for the benefit of a few, instead of for the benefit of all;

2. Devotion – to the unreality of the money – we all will, at the end be buried in a grave – only on the surface, above ground will we be different, but then who gives a damn about it;

3. Destruction – connected with Item . above, by all means, within creating wars around the world and accusing the locals that they have the exclusive guilt for causing the wars (from Ruand to Bosnia and towards Syria and on, and on…). Yes, the locals bear some guilt, but only we cannot ignore those from Item 1 above, who are the executioners that have misled the people towards Armageddon.

How can we stop this and make the world to become better place?

It will be very difficult, but possible, for sure.

Through the creation nothing similar to the mastadonian-like institution named the United Nations, which is contradictio in adiecto of its own, being incapable to stop any war anywhere in the World. Ups. Sorry, I made a mistake. The correct answer is being capable to make intermezzo between the wars with the help of blue helmets.

Through the creation of the World Conscience Society (WCS) that will be made of:

a) Scientists of all different kinds of science devoted to mankind’s development and sustainability of the World;

b) Intellectuals who have proved themselves (it is easy – just “Google” anybody, nothing is hidden within the today’s virtual World information sources) as devoted to mankind’s development and sustainability of the World;

c) People who think about common good, knowing that only through that kind of devotion we will create individual good as well

Again, HOW? With the first step. Which one?

Like this one – why not!

And, finely, to start to execute the wishes of many of the great world leaders of the past – the creation of the world of equality, respectability and survival, instead the current World of refugees, death and destruction.

Can we do it? Wrong question. The correct one is: Should we do it? Answer is: We must do it.

Again, why?

For the survival of the mankind and humanity, against those 1% of the bastards who control the other 99%, and who will not survive either. Are they masochist? They are both: masochist and sadists of the worse kind.

So, why sacrifice 99% for 1%?

Knowledge has an answer.

We just need to use it.

Not to abuse it, as usual.


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