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Is World Heading For World War III

Is World Heading For World War-III?

AS war on terrorism, which has imperilled peace and security of different parts of the globe, is continuing, there are several others alarming developments that could push the world to World War-III. Russian planes have been bombing targets in Syria and in the latest move its jet violated Turkish airspace, prompting Turkish Prime Minister to declare that he would take all necessary measures to protect his country’s borders from violation. There were also consultations among the United States and Turkey over infringement.

It is understood that Turkey has the capability to defend itself and it is also a fact that Turkey would not be alone if the tension escalates. In a related development, NATO has decided to open a counter-espionage hub in Poland by year’s end aimed at expanding the alliance’s intelligence gathering capabilities as it faces ‘threats from the east and the south’. Middle East is already in turmoil where apart from Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, both Iraq and Syria are witnessing worst type of crisis of existence, mainly due to foreign intervention and invasions. Yemen is also in the midst of a civil war where trouble-makers, aided by some foreign powers, are fighting against a legitimate Government and the resultant instability in their neighbourhood has forced Saudi Arabia and allies to intervene. On the other hand, as Palestinians are gradually getting global recognition, Israeli intransigence is increasing and the Jewish Prime Minister has threatened to fight to the death with Palestinians. Palestinians have been barred from entering Jerusalem Old City and Tel Aviv has decided to demolish more Palestinian homes and add to its illegal settlements. Similar policy is being pursued by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is continuously raising tension with Pakistan and hurling threats of all kinds. With Russia flexing its muscles, the Westbecoming unnecessarily weary of ‘rising China’ and several flash-points threatening peace in different regions, there are genuine apprehensions that the world is moving towards another major global crisis. It is, therefore, time for the international community to realize the danger, contain threats and make the UN relevant in fulfilling its responsibilities vis-à-vis world peace and security.

Source: http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=274913


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